Man arrested in raid at Greensboro apartment found not guilty because of mental defect on weapons charges

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A federal judge found a man arrested in Greensboro not guilty by reason of mental defect on federal weapons charges.


K. E. Krispen Culbertson, attorney for Yasseen Eltahir says Eltahir will now be bound over for a civil hearing to determine the course of his treatment for mental illness. (Reference)

Eltahir was arrested in a raid at the Morehead Apartments on West Market Street in May 2016.

Federal court records showed he was in possession of a loaded handgun when he was arrested. They also seized a shotgun and ammunition from the apartment he shared with his parents. His sister told investigators he was a threat to people.

The criminal complaint said Eltahir’s possession of weapons violated the law because of his history of commitments to mental institutions.

The date for his mental health treatment hearing has not been set.

Source: Fox

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