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Krispen Culbertson Reviews

Krispen Culbertson Reviews…

can be found across the internet on various, highly respected legal reviews and legal directory websites. Below you will see some of those reviews from sites like and, to name a few.

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Krispen Culbertson’s reviews at AVVO are outstanding. Five (5) stars from a prestigious, well known legal reference website. Over 95% of US lawyers are rated by AVVO.

Krispen Culbertson received the 2018 Client Champion Gold award from Martindale’s. is one of the premier attorney reviews and reference sites online today.

Krispen Culbertson’s reviews at AVVO are outstanding. Five (5) stars from a prestigious, well known legal reference website. Over 95% of US lawyers are rated by AVVO.

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Since we’ve been asked numerous times if we are licensed to practice law in North Carolina, we’ve posted a copy of my law license on the new ‘Krispen Culbertson Attorney Facts‘ page.


There are details on my case that I will not discuss, but I will say that Culbertson & Associates did a great job on my civil matter. The time spent and commitment to my case was unbelievable. Before I had Culbertson to represent me the other lawyers I had didn’t have my best interest and wanted me to sign and agree to things that I didn’t agree with. Culbertson was very understanding and knows the laws very very well. His Associates in the office are very good as well and work just as hard as he does to get the job done. In the end I was very please with the ending of my case and the results of Culbertson. If you have any issue and need a lawyer I’M TELLING YOU TO CONTACT CULBERTSON AND ASSOCIATES!!!! EVEN TERRI IS AWESOME (SECRETARY)

Kevin Jones


I came to Mr.Culbertson in my time of need. He took time to speak with me and moved around his schedule so that he could represent me in court. I was nervous at first but Mr.Culbertson was smooth and calm. He looked like a movie-star compared to the other awkward behaving lawyers in ill-fitting suits. This guy knows the law, has a plan, and has the right attitude. I had to make a quick decision and if you’re in that same situation I can assure you this is your guy. He is a winner.



My son and I have hired Mr. Culbertson for several family law matters, including custody. Not only did he win our case, but he did it with real interest in us as a family. He told us he doesn't believe there's a "scoreboard" in family law as to who is winning. There is only the best interests of the family and the children. Alleluia. Not many lawyers take such a humble approach in looking at the clients' interests first, instead of their own egos. Underneath his polish, Mr. C has humility, and he cares. We really liked him as our lawyer.





Family Laws

In conjunction with his vast know-how, our company leverages the robust legal expertise of working in different courts.

Custody Law

A special subset of Family Law cases involves the Custody of children, and how to obtain these rights. It is often referred to as Custody..

Federal Law | Criminal

On the Federal level, the degree of difficulty of the cases handled goes as high as a Federal war crimes case. There is no type of case..

Federal Law | White Collar

We also handle white collar crimes. Criminal punishments have gotten gradually tougher over the past few years, and good legal..

State Law | Criminal

As may be seen by Krispen Culbertson’s biography, this law practice has very extensive experience in the field of criminal law.

Corporate & Business Law

Domestically, Culbertson & Associates has “started up” scores of North Carolina small businesses. Our services include taxation advice..

International Business Law

Internationally, Culbertson & Associates has represented numerous foreign owned business wishing to do business domestically..

International Custody & Abduction Law

Krispen Culbertson is senior partner at Culbertson & Associates. He studied law at both Wake Forest University in the U.S. and at ..

Immigration Law

Culbertson & Associates is in the process of helping many undocumented workers obtain legal status (where appropriate) in the ..

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